It seems like everything we write about pop starlet Taylor Momsen revolves around her trousers, or lack thereof. It's not that she's not an accomplished musician and actress, of course, but those missing trousers sure draw us in.

Taylor Momsen at Terminal 5
You'll have to take our word for it in this shot

In these shots (taken at hip New York venue Terminal 5, which is apparently not even near the airport) she's still missing them, but has at least shown a token effort to cover up in these Autumn months with a pair of long socks. Which is far more becoming of a young lady, considering her state of undress over the last few articles we've done on her.

What's new with Taylor since last we met? Two things – one, she's touring with Evanescence who are inexplicably still a band. You remember Evanescence, right? Good-looking female lead singer, wore a nightie, hung out on ledges, had that one song and then disappeared back under the sea of pop-rock? Them. Apparently. Apparently they're still a thing and people still pay money to watch them play music.

Taylor Momsen at Terminal 5
Why is that do you reckon

Secondly, she's eighteen now. Up until July, Taylor wasn't eighteen so it felt a bit weird writing about her (and, let's be fair, fancying her in a bad-girl sort of way) – but now, thankfully, that's all over. She's quietened down a bit since her birthday, presumably because it isn't as shocking for an 18-year-old to go on stage without trousers on. Hopefully she'll come up with something radical soon, and begin her slow but inexorable shift into a sexy female Marylin Manson. Which should be fun to watch.