Taylor Swift was at Madame Tussauds in New York this week for the unveiling of her very own waxwork – a bit like Chery Cole had in London last week. The big difference (literally) though was that Cheryl Cole’s waxwork looked like her, and Taylor Swift’s most certainly didn’t:

That is a pretty poor effort. Being the nice girl she is we’re sure Taylor smiled and act all shocked when she first saw it, probably sprouting lines like “Oh my God! It’s SO lifelike!” Well it isn’t. It’s about as lifelike as a Wallace and Gromit contraption. Actually, that’s a bit harsh, because Wallace and Gromit productions move.

It must be a nice moment to know you’re getting a waxwork designed for you, but surely you’ve got to be gutted when they get the height wrong. And not by a lot, just by a bit, but a noticeable amount, It looks like Taylor had actually got tired of pretending to like it, so just went for the universal thumbs up in the hope that would detract from her face betraying her true feelings:

She’s not even holding a guitar? It’s nowhere near as good as the waxwork we have of Sophia Bush that we keep in a glass case in the middle of the office. It’s the spitting image of her, and it moves and everything. It even sounds like her, which is the best bit.

(For legal reasons we should point out that we don’t actually have Sophia Bush caged in our office, that pipe dream died a long time ago).

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