It's been a good couple of weeks for our country girl Taylor Swift. Her new album, Speak Now, has just topped the American Billboard Hot 200 for the second week running, selling almost 1.5 million copies in total. Which is impressive considering that no-one buys music legally anymore. Be thankful for the honest few. She also reputedly earned $45 million dollars this year. But that doesn't matter. She ain't in it for the money.

Now, that's not the big story. If it was, it would've been a pretty crap one. No, the real news is that Taylor has stormed the BMI Country Awards. Well, stormed in the sense of blitzed. And blitzed in the sense of cleaned up. And cleaned up in the sense of smashed. You get the idea. That's the problem with language today. There's too much of it. And when it's in the wrong hands, or tongues, be wary.

Taylor Swift picked up two BMI Awards

Oooh, doesn't she look like the cat the got the crystal trophies? Well, one of the awards (the one on the left, presumably) is for Songwriter Of The Year, and, at the tender, nubile age of 20, Taylor became the youngest person in the ceremony's history to capture it. Even the mighty Johnny Cash was 24 when he won the equivalent award. So, we look forward to even greater things from Taylor, who also took Song Of The Year (the one on the right, presumably) for 'You Belong With Me'. All we hope is that success doesn't corrupt and force her off the rails. We advise her to use Dolly Parton for inspiration. Though perhaps go a bit easier on the cosmetic enhancement.

Taylor Swift at BMI Country Awards