The very moment that sexy pop-pixie Miley Cyrus donned her leather lingerie  and jiggled her way onto the stage at the MTV Music Awards, we knew that music, and life in general, would never quite be the same.

The twerk was here to stay.

Since then, many have attempted to steal the booty-shaking crown off of 'The Artist Formerly Known As Montana', including… Beyonce

Beyonce twerk

Unfathomably hot Australian rapper Iggy Azealia

Iggy Azealia twerk

As well as our very own Dame Helen Mirren

Helen Mirren

But none have truly managed to match Cyrus in the booty-shaking stakes.

And now former country & western sweetheart Taylor Swift has decided to enter the ring with the new eye-popping video for her single Shake It Off, showing off a collection of fresh dance moves so hot that they'll make your eyeballs sweat.

But her talents don't end there. Here's Swift showcasing her impressive ballet skills…

Her very impressive ballet skills...

And here she is leaving us all a'fluster in her old cheerleading threads...

In fact, she's pretty much mastered it all.

Well, maybe not everything...

Your move, Cyrus.