There are fewer things less immediately exciting than the sport of Baseball. And there are fewer things more immediately exciting than Tehmeena Afzal.

Baseball is so dull that its home country, America, is continually taking the piss out of it:

And not without reason. Even coming from a country that managed to make rugby dull by stopping play every five seconds and letting their players wear full body armour (unless, of course, they’re playing in the Lingerie Football League and they have to go without – more of this, please) and managed to jazz up netball a bit by letting players run around with the ball, baseball is dull.

Dull, dull, dull. It's just like rounders, really, but somehow turned into a national sport. They’ve even infected the Japanese with it – it’s more popular over there than it is in the USA.

So you can appreciate why we didn’t care much about baseball up until now. Hip-hop dancer and model Tehmeena Afzal (who could probably done with changing her name so it’s easier to spell) has very kindly agreed to make the sport more exciting on behalf of the New York Mets. They are apparently a “team” that plays baseball, much like our football teams play football.

We are assured that this shirt reads "Mets" although we had to stare at it for a long time to work that out

In this video, Tehmeena runs through a lot of the basic baseball practices – stretching, walking out to pitch, bending over, hitting a baseball, running around, stroking a baseball bat sensually between her breasts – the standard, really.

According to her website - the url’s emblazoned over the middle of the video up top, you can’t bloody miss it - she’s an accomplished athlete (you’d think they’d get in the way, wouldn’t you?) and won a “Mixtape website of the year” award, which is nice.

If you want some more Tehmeena, then check out this video of her standing next to a car wearing very little at all: