Earlier today we brought you some news live from Berlin. And that news was that Brooklyn Decker had forgotten to put on her bra before leaving the house. It was a mental lapse that both reminded us of Britney and Paris’ infamous ‘forgotten’ underwear moments and got us thinking. Our thought? ‘Just how often do celebrities leave the house without their lingerie?’

To answer this question we logged onto our favourite picture website and set out on an in-depth trawl of their latest entertainment images. This trawl took in various events from London fashion week (lots of model’s boobs, but no celebrity treasure chests) and last week’s Brit Awards, where – hallelujah - we discovered that Tess Daly had been brazenly bounding about without her bra.

Giant Credit Card had overdosed on smack

Nice to see them, to see them... nice. Actually, make that extremely nice to see them. Tess looks incredible given that she’s – what the hell? – 41. That’s right, amazingly, Tess is 41, but is she the sexiest 41-year-old in the world? Other current 41-year-olds include Catherine Zeta-Jones, Erika Eleniak, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, all of them need your votes in FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World 2011 and all of them show that 1969 was a great year to be born.

But which was the best year to be born in? Earlier today someone in the FHM office tried to claim 1977 was the ultimate year to be born, because a) he was born, b) Never Mind The Bollocks Here’s The Sex Pistols was released and c) Saturday Night Fever, Smokey and the Bandit and Star Wars all came out. He’s wrong. Why? Well a) FHM didn’t exist, b) neither did Rihanna and c) neither did Mila Kunis. Yup, we’re back on her again....

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