As is often the case with every World Cup campaign, the world tends to storm in like a raging bull, charged off its face on football fever but as Brazil 2014 approaches it's dramatic finish it's time to take a look the other side to the cup.

Which football team would win in a fight? Who’s the best at dancing? Which nation would win the World Cup of sexy?

We have no idea about the other questions but we can help you with the latter thanks to this sexy survey carried out by MissTravel to find the world’s sexiest country.

A list that, unlike the actual World Cup, actually includes the entire world – so expect a few non-qualifying nations making their sexy mark…

Check out the World’s Top 10 Sexiest Nation’s below...


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01  Brazil

02  Russia

03  Colombia



04  Britain


05  Philippines

06  Spain


07  Australia


08  Bulgaria


09  South Africa

10  Canada

WORDS: George Henry King. Follow him on Twitter