Penny from The Big Bang Theory's 10 greatest moments

Posted by , 06 June 2013

Penny from The Big Bang Theory's 10 greatest moments


As a global brand, The Big Bang Theory is now so huge that, if you type those four little words into Google, it's not until the seventh entry that you reach the first hit about the most likely creation of the universe. Yep, the show is literally bigger than God.

Like all great sitcoms, it relies on cleverly observed humour, a believable dynamic between cast members and – most importantly – the obligatory sitcom sex bomb. In Friends, it was Jennifer Aniston's Rachel. In Modern Family, it's Sofia Vergara's Gloria. And in The Big Bang Theory, it's Kaley Cuoco's Penny.

She's more than just a poor man's Rachel Green. Kaley Cuoco has turned Penny into one of the most lovable characters on TV. She's ditsy without being vacuous; gullible, but not stupid; phenomenally sexy, but much more than just a pretty face.

We're not sure how, but we'd like to think her most recent appearance in some pretty amazing pink lingerie sums it all up.

Kaley cuoco lingerie gifKaley Cuoco GIF

To see her in action, scroll back up and check out Penny's Greatest Moments.

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