Over 22 million people have watched the video for Dan Balan’s summer dance anthem on YouTube. Why? It wasn’t for the song…

Picture the scene. A swish record label office somewhere in Los Angeles, the walls are plastered with gold discs and a load of executives with directional hairstyles are sitting around an enormous glass table, supported by an imported section of the Berlin Wall which has been signed by Roxette for some reason.
“We need a big summer hit,” says a man wearing a knowingly ironic builders hard-hat, “something catchy, something that burrows into your head and stays there. Something that the DJs will love.”
Someone slides a disc across the desk with the words ‘Dan Balan – Chica Bomb’ written on the front in marker pen.
“What’s this?” say’s the exec as he puts it into the stereo. A low bass thumps out of the enormous speakers. Then a sort of clicking sound thing happens, all topped of with a vocodered woman’s voice talking about taking her clothes off. “I like it, but it’s going to need something else if we’re going to make this the new Ketchup Song…“Girls,” someone says from the back of the room. Everyone turns to see a junior taking notes in the corner of the room.
“What did you say?”
"Um, I said girls… put a load of really sexy girls in the video, get them to take their tops off, wallop, you’ve got a YouTube sensation that’ll make all those kittens look about as popular as Mel Gibson at the YWCA…”
“I like your thinking, new guy,” grins the exec while injecting some bull testosterone into his eyeball. “Okay people let’s make a record!”
And lo, Chica Bomb, the hit single and accompanying video from Moldavian singer, songwriter and producer Dan Balan came to pass.

As it stands the official video has had nearly 14,000,000 views on YouTube (plus millions more via other uploads) and we’ve had nearly as many of you lot writing in asking us to shoot the four gorgeous girls who appear in it.

And of course we delivered.

So without further ado, we’d like to introduce you to Britten Kelly, Ashley Schultz, Jennifer Humphrey and Mayra Munoz, the four lovelies who bump, grind and moisten their way through this wonderful music video. And didn’t they have a lot of fun doing it…

Vitals: Jennifer Humphrey Age: 22 From: San Francisco, California Fact: Jennifer has her own fashion blog agogofashion.blogspot.com

Vitals: Mayra Munoz Age: 24 From: El Salvador Fact: Mayra was the runner-up in the 2007 series of Nuestra Belleza Latina (Our Latin Beauty) a sort of televised beauty contest.

“I love the song, I still listen to it to get ready. Anything you can have a dance to, I’m not too picky,” 22-year-old Ashley Schultz told FHM. While her colleague Jennifer Humphrey, also 22, told us, “I loved the song. I’m not a big dancer, but I would definitely dance to this.” The girls were selected not only for their general hotness, but also for willingness to muck about with each other, as 24-year-old Britten Kelly will testify. “I love doing things like the video, it gives me such a high doing things like that. And the girls were such good fun, we had a real blast doing it.” And it looks like they had just as much fun having the photos taken.

Vitals: Ashley Schultz Age: 22 From: Salem, New Hampshire Fact: Ashley is an expert in the art of ‘pop and lock’ which she describes as “sexy hip hop robotic moves”.

Vitals: Britten Kelly Age: 24 From: Cincinnati, Ohio Fact: Britten has played the female lead in Romeo & Juliet onstage and was an extra in The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift

Dan Balan’s Chica Bomb is out now on All Around The World.

Made in Moldova: Meet the tiny country's biggest exports

O-Zone - Dan Balan’s original outfit, the ’Zone were a three-piece boyband who’re most famous for the single Dragostea Din Tei, more commonly known as ‘The Numa Numa Song’ which went to Number One in 12 countries and annoyed the hell out of countless thousands of people.
Wrestling - The traditional form is called trânta and involves a lot of burly men grappling in a sandpit. It’s one of the country’s most popular sports after football and, pleasingly, tradition states that the winner still gets a baby lamb.
Communism -
The last communist government in Europe, the party currently holds a majority of 48 seats in parliament, despite the formation of a governing coalition among the other parties. Reading between the lines, we think it’s clear that Russia’s got Moldova’s back.
Noroc - Six piece Moldavian folk outfit. Found great success in the USSR, but were banned in the Ukraine for “promotion of artistic values of poor quality”, and “lack of healthy ideological orientation”. Though they did go on to win the “public sympathy” prize at the Bratislava Lyra festival.

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