Were you born to be famous?
People used to tell my best friends that I would be one day. I was in Ibiza two years ago with my really good friend who’s a psychic, and she said that in two years’ time I’d be known, and that time is now. She was good! I don’t see myself as famous. But I’m ready for people getting a bit stalkerish, if that happens. Bring it on.

If you become rich, what will you do with the money?
Buy myself a nice little house. But my dream place to live would be Essex and I’ve got to live near my mum and dad. I would probably rent a house nearby and just live with my mum and dad. Buy a nice car or something. A Range Rover.

Amy Childs perches on a chair

How was The Only Way Is Essex pitched to you?
The producers came to Sugar Hut in Brentwood, saw Kirk [the owner], asked him if he knew any girls that would be good for the show and he put my name forward. Easy peasy. I didn’t even audition.

You’re very chirpy in the programme. Does it annoy you when people like Chris Moyles and Frankie Sandford have a pop at the show on Twitter? Or when Jeff Brazier says it gives Essex a bad name?
It doesn’t make me angry because I know Jeff and I speak to Jeff. People around Essex have got into saying “it’s not real” and “I can’t believe you’re portraying Essex like that”, but it’s a tongue-in-cheek, fun programme and if you don’t like it, don’t watch it! Just because we’re like that doesn’t mean everyone in Essex is. People are fascinated by us, because we’re different.

Who would you love to hear were fans of the show?
Ant and Dec. I love them. Dec’s my favourite. He’s just better. Funnier.

Would you go out with a man shorter than you?
I go for guys that have a brilliant personality. It’s not all about the looks. He doesn’t have to be two inches taller than me. But if you’re someone who’s, like, four feet tall, that’s a bit different.

When people are mean about Essex, it’s all just stereotypes right?
I think so. We all look after ourselves in the show and have nice clothes. And Brentwood is really green and nice and pretty. Maybe I’ll talk about the countryside more in the second series. Can you imagine me with my stick going on a ramble?
“Come on everyone, let’s go!” Can’t say I go on rambles much.

Amy Childs in a black bikini leaning on a wall.

You went to a private school, the Raphael Independent School in Hornchurch. Did you like it?
I loved school, but I wasn’t good at school. I found it hard. I’d always wanted to do beauty so I left school at 16 and went to college in Brentwood, then worked as a full time beautician for four years. I worked in a big gym where guys were coming in for facials and eyebrow waxes and all sorts. I loved it. I miss it. I was going to go back to work after the show, but I couldn’t because series two started. But you never know.

And you’ve got a famous move? The decoration of a lady’s lower belly with diamonds and other assorted jewellery? A vajazzle?
Well the vajazzle’s about five years old and it was popular in America. But no one had heard of it over here so, when I did the programme, I told someone they should have a vajazzle. I researched it and did a course and I’m now a professional vajazzler. I didn’t invent it or wake up one morning and take over vajazzling. If I ever go back to work I’ll be doing loads
of vajazzles. You should get one.

Can a man have a vajazzle?
Well it would be a pejazzle. I wouldn’t do that though. It’s a bit involved for me.

Amy Childs in a black bikini leaning on a wall.

Do you ever leave the house without make up?
Six months ago, never. But I’ve done a few shoots with it off and didn’t look too bad.
I was glad I watched the first series because I wore so much make up and I’ve toned it down. I must admit though, on a night out when the girls are round and they’re spraying me I do quite often think, “Oh my God, I’m a bit orange.”

You love a good spray tan?
I haven’t had one in ages because I haven’t had the time. But I like it better. I think every girl likes it better. You feel better with a tan. Glamour to me is big hair, big false eyelashes and a fake tan. I’ve had my hair flattened today but I’ll definitely go back to the big hair.