It’s almost upon us, the most anticipated British comedy since Kevin and Perry: Go Large hit cinemas over ten years ago. The Inbetweeners Movie is almost here. Exciting. The only thing even more exciting than the prospect of appalling language, crude sexual references and big LOL moments is the fact there will be four hot new females to act as the lads’ love interests on their trip to Malia.

Here’s what we know about the girls so far….

Laura Haddock is undoubtedly the most recognizable girl in the new movie, thanks in part to her appearance in FHM in 2008, but mainly due to her role in How Not To Live Your Life as Don’s extremely attractive lodger with awful taste in men. It seems this trait has been carried over from her previous role, as Laura - who plays Alison in the film - will be the love interest of everyone’s favourite briefcase wanker: Will McKenzie. Now that’s what we call punching above your weight.

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Laura Haddock
Charlotte 'Big Tits' or Laura Haddock? Will is a lucky man

Tamla Kari will play unlucky-in-love Simon’s romantic interest, Lucy, as he tries to use her to get over his long-term crush Carli D’Amato. The same Carli D’Amato who’s brother he threw up over. The same Carli D’Amato he wrote a love message for on her parents’ driveway. And the same Carli D’Amato he embarrassed at the school fashion show, by having a single, particularly hairy, bollock drop out in front of the audience. That Carli D’Amato. Good luck, Tamla. You’re gonna need it.

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Tamla Kari
Simon's latest love interest, or 'obsession', Lucy. Awkward sexual moments imminent

Jessica Knappett is another actress that will appear in the movie that has made an appearance in How Not To Live Your Life, as Don’s toff, dominatrix girlfriend that he goes to stay with for the weekend. She’s been paired up with the all-dancing, finger-happy dimwit Neil, in the movie. Will he get his girl? No problemo, if his previous record's anything to go by.

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Jessica Knappett
Neil's girl will have a lot to live up to after his fling with saucy ASDA Karen

Lydia Rose Bewley’s debut on-screen role sees her take on the role of Jay’s ‘target’ for the film. Will she be impressed by his tales of flings with lesbian sisters at Caravan Club, his crude chat-up lines and model good looks? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. Simples.

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Lydia Rose Bewley
Will Jay add another notch to his legendary bed post?

And that's not to mention the chance of appearances of series regulars Emily Atack as Charlotte, Emily Head as Carli, Belinda Stewart-Wilson as Will's Mum, Kacey Barnfield as Will's sister and Hannah Tointon as Tara.

So, if for some bizarre reason, you don't like The Inbetweeners, at least you've got some eye-candy to keep you going.

As for us: WE CAN'T WAIT.

The Inbetweeners Movie hits cinemas across the UK on Wednesday 17 August 2011. Check out a full interview with The Inbetweeners boys in September's issue of FHM.