There aren’t many popstars that can release an album and then wait six years before making another one and still be on the forefront of our brain, but Cassie isn’t just any popstar.

We first heard of her way back in 2006 when she released her first album (coincidentally called Cassie) at which point we also fell in love with her. As did P Diddy, who’s now her boyfriend. Between then she’s pretty much just got hotter and hotter, shaved her head and released a new banding album called RockaByeBaby.

Here’s why you need to pay attention to her right now...

She did a song with Nicki Minaj and they did a music video that looked like this



Her video has dancing and flying bras. Which is the best concept for a music video ever

Not only can she sing, she can model too

She shaved the side of her head and is still incredibly hot. It takes a whole new level of sexy to do that

She has super-hot mates


And she likes 'fine ass girls'. Just like us.


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