So far, the build-up to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice has been somewhat of a morose affair.

Firstly, there was the first picture of Ben Affleck as a very, very sad Batman:

And then came this picture of Henry Cavill, returning as Superman and looking, quite frankly, thoroughly ticked off about the whole thing:

Seriously, guys, you're really killing our summer blockbuster boners here.

Fortunately, director Zack Snyder unleashed a ray of sexy sunshine at San Diego Comic-Con this weekend by unveiling the first picture of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman:

It's not quite the red, white and blue bonanza many may have been looking forward to but you'll find absolutely zero complaints in the FHM office, even if the get-up does look a little familiar:


If any of you out there are still baffled by who Gal Gadot actually is, here are the 6 things you need to know…


01 She's sharper than a boxful of knives.

Comic book fans being comic book fans, there was a predictable backlash to the announcement of Gadot's casting. Chief among their complaints? Gadot - a woman so close to superhuman physical perfection that it makes us need to sit down - was simply not busty enough to play Princess Diana of Themyscira.

When these creepy quibblings were put to Gal, she responded in the cool-headed, rise-above-it manner that befits a superhero:

"Hmmm. Well, I represent the Wonder Woman of the new world. Breasts? Anyone can buy those for 9,000 shekels. And by the way, Wonder Woman is Amazonian, so if we're being completely accurate, Amazonian women actually only had one breast. If I was to really go 'by the book'...Well, it'd be problematic."


02 The keener-eyed among you will recognise her from the utterly awesome Fast And The Furious movies, which makes her no stranger to this action malarky. 


03 She started out her career in modelling, where she won the title of Miss Israel. Which of course there are photos of.



04 She posts things like this on Twitter all of the time, which makes her awesome times infinity.

Oh, and these.


05 She doesn’t have an Instagram. But her husband does. And he sometimes posts snaps like this.

06 She's a former soldier.

Gal served a two-year term in the Israeli army after signing up to be a sports coach, and thus underwent loads of army training. Meaning that not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she can more than live up to Wonder Woman’s penchant for kicking serious ass.