2013's mind-melting FHM 100 Sexiest. Who will top the list for 2014?

Posted by , 29 April 2014

2013's mind-melting FHM 100 Sexiest. Who will top the list for 2014?


In 2012 we announced that Tulisa Contostavlos - of N-Dubz, X Factor and sex tape fame - had officially been voted the World’s Sexiest Woman by the readers of FHM. We expected a few people to be surprised; shocked, even. But what happened next, no one was prepared for.

Thousands – nay, millions of you – took to the streets (or at least the internet) to voice your outrage. It was front-page news on every tabloid newspaper. So many people clicked on FHM.com that our server crashed. Three times. We received letters, emails, tweets and letter bombs denouncing the result. How could – in a world of 3,301,112,087 women – Tulisa possibly be the world’s hottest?

Our answer was simple: Democracy. 99% of those who threw their toys out of the pram did not cast a vote. If they had, things could have been very different.

And last year they were, check out the amazingly sexy list below and start getting excited for the amazing, 20th Anniversary list that we'll be announcing on Wednesday 30th April...

Dan Jude, Deputy Editor

2013's top 100

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