The Saturdays have got a new video out for their song Notorious. This is definite cause for celebration. While the world is filled with beautiful women, very few of them actually go to the trouble of dressing up all sexy and dancing around on camera for our entertainment.

This video is about the Una Healy, Mollie King, Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White and Rochelle Wiseman all going to work in an office. “Hang on, FHM,” we hear you cry (how can we hear you over the internet? We have specially-trained dogs. No more questions!), “that doesn’t sound very sexy at all!”

How wrong you are

Well firstly, stop leaping to conclusions (or we will be forced to unleash the dogs). Secondly, as you’ll know by now if you’re watched any Saturdays videos at all, the girls can make absolutely anything sexy. They could fill out tax return forms in front of us and we’d still get all flustered and have to have a sit down.

So the girls rock up in sexy secretary outfits, singing about resumes and stuff in an office somewhere. We reckon it’s in America on account of them being photographed in bikinis over there recently. Great. We’re enjoying it so far.

Frankie artfully stabbed a rival Saturday in the eye from behind

They answer phones (which is something you do in an office, we’re sure you agree) and stamp the word “NOTORIOUS” on blank pieces of paper. Not sure what kind of office this is, but okay. Maybe it’s essential to the running of the business.

Then they all suddenly leave, get back into the lift and take their clothes off after ostentatiously applying branded cosmetics! Gosh. But it turns out they’re wearing different clothes under their secretary outfits. Of course. That must have been very uncomfortable.

Not that we're complaining

Then they go dancing in a club at the top of the building. This almost never happens to us at all, and even then, the music in our office club is nowhere near as good (we're on a non-stop 80's marathon). It’s a rather poor show all round, and frankly we wouldn’t be surprised if they find themselves looking for new work tomorrow morning.

Still. Doesn’t Mollie look a lot like Sienna Miller in this video? Just saying.