If there’s anyone who loves Saturdays more than Basshunter (and boy, can that guy turn out some quality lyrics), it’s probably us. Or maybe this fansite, actually. Or this forum. But we just can’t get enough of them – The Saturdays, that is, not the actual day itself. Girl bands are generally better than days in our experience.

Frankie, you spilt something on your belly button

For your reference, girl bands are also better than Saturday Night Live (with or without Betty White and her skits), Saturnalia, Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting and Saturday Kitchen. Although they might be as good as the planet Saturn, the jury’s still out on that one. Saturn's gnarly.

"Yeah the weather sucks. Definitely hold fire on that ticket."

Unfortunately The Saturdays are currently in America on a new video shoot, which is a bit rubbish for us as we’ve got no chance of running into any of the sexy songstresses on the street. 

Deckchair aerobics: tricky

But they’ve taken time out of releasing top ten singles like Ego, covering Justin Bieber songs on YouTube, dropping pearls of wisdom on the official Saturdays Twitter feed and generally being professionally gorgeous to hang out by their hotel pool in bikinis, as you do. And here are the pictures of them to prove it, because we don’t want you to accuse us of being liars.

The poolside catwalk proved a knockout with pasty-limbed spectators

Una Healy, Frankie Sandford and Mollie King relaxed by the pool, getting all oily and hot, and sadly neither Vanessa White nor Rochelle Wiseman were anywhere to be seen. Presumably they’re either inside or they’re just really good at holding their breath, and hiding under the water. Or snorkelling just out of shot.

Bond's video camera sunnies hit the jackpot

Which means – alas – we don’t have any pictures of them in bikinis. We’re terribly sorry. We do have some pictures of the whole bunch of them in a pillow fight, which should hopefully placate you.