Seeing as they don’t do anything on any other day of the week, The Saturdays took to the stage on – you’ve guessed it – Saturday night. Ok well they might actually make use of the other six days, which is a bonus for us as we would only get the opportunity to look at them once a week otherwise. *Shiver*. The thought.

Still, they were true to their name in London this weekend, and Mollie even had the courtesy to wear a top that was never going to hide her bra – what a thoughtful woman.

Not to be outdone, Frankie got in on the action too. In fact, they all did. Whoever designed these outfits for them all, we salute you.

Ok so the fashion gurus among you might point out that it looks like it’s just all part of the outfit, but if you’re doing that you really need to rethink your goals in life. “Oh that’s not a bra, it’s part of the dress!” Well maybe make sure you don’t make that kind of observation out loud in front of your mates? Just a thought.

Now we’re sure you’ve got a favourite – or will have by the time you’ve finished looking through all of these – so in the interests of fairness here’s Una:

And Rochelle:

And Vanessa:

And not that we’re trying to sway your decision, but here’s Mollie again, just for good measure:

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