How can anyone not love The Saturdays? Not only are they great to look at, make catchy pop tunes and are well good at self-promotion, but they also seem to be really nice people. We came to this conclusion after seeing them visit OAPs such as Alan Titchmarsh, Carol McGiffin and Lynda Bellingham, and singing them a song. How sweet.  Actually, we lie. The reason why they visited these people was because they were on Loose Women and The Alan Titchmarsh Show to promote their new book Our Story and the extended version of their album, Headlines.

We’re not sure what exactly is in their book, but if it contains anything in it like the stuff they talked about on Loose Women then we’re definitely pre-ordering on Amazon. They covered everything from boyfriends, to getting pissed, to boyfriends, to Carol McGiffin’s conquests and a bit more about their boyfriends. Oh yeah, and then they plugged their stuff a little bit. Okay, on second thoughts, maybe we won’t get it. It’ll just make us jealous, and not because we’re not in McGiffin’s little black book.

See, if there’s one thing (and it really is just one thing) we don’t like about The Saturdays, it's that they all have boyfriends. Handsome ones. Una goes out with a rugby player, Frankie’s dating serial McGiffin snogger Dougie from Mcfly and Rochelle’s with Marvin from JLS. The other two go out with people that aren’t us, too. It’s just not fair.

Oh well, looks like we’ll just have to settle for Kelly Brook, instead.

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