The Saturdays love charity like a slow loris loves having a tiny (but actually suitably proportionate) umbrella. If you wonder how much love that is, have a little looky here. When the collection bucket is being passed around, The Saturdays are always the first to dip their hands deep inside their pockets.

Except, this time, they didn’t have any pockets. Because tiny dresses don’t come with pockets. They, as you can see, come with lacy bits which are great for suggestively revealing some sexy flesh but not really very good for storing change.

Sandford's 'soulja boy' needed work

So, rather than just doing an apologetic shrug and being made to feel like they’ve just kicked an owl in the face, they jumped on stage and sang some songs to raise money for charity.

The charity they were supporting is the Rays of Sunshine children’s charity, which grants wishes to UK kids who are living with serious or life-threatening illnesses. It’s pretty bloody awesome, and if you want to make a donation – however small – you can do so here. It’ll make you feel good, we promise.

"If I just keep forcing a smile no one will know I hate these tall bitches" thought purple

The Sunshine Concert was held at the Troxy in London. For quite a while, the Troxy was used as a bingo hall by Mecca bingo. The best thing about bingo is the moment when someone shouts 'HOUSE!' and all the other old women transform from lovely, mint imperial-sucking caring grandmothers, into a hateful mob of tut-groaning resentful maniacs. It’s a great moment, but it’s not as great as The Saturdays wearing dresses. Which is why we gave you this story about The Saturdays wearing short dresses rather than one about Doris from Hucknall spending Saturday listening out for numbers and dabbing them off with her special 'dabber' when they're called out. Yeah, it was a big call.