Can you feel that distinctive chill in the air? That's old man Winter, that is, rearing his snowy bearded head and blowing freezing air all over the hills and valleys of this windswept isle. It's definitely coat weather; except when you get on the tube, of course, when it's still hot enough to reduce you to yet another greasy cushion stain.

But The Saturdays aren't on the tube, thankfully (which would probably make for a pretty rubbish video) and instead are on a generic piece of windswept coast.

Still from Saturdays video

Why are they on the coast? It's not clear. They seem upset about something, and are looking moody and introspective and, importantly, out to sea. They are all wearing coats that nearly make up for the fact their standard ensemble of hot pants and convoluted tops are nowhere to be seen, although it seems like many of them forgot to wear trousers.

Maybe they're sad about their missing trousers and cold legs. Frankie's wearing about half a skirt, stuck to one leg. It seems purely decorative.

Hearts Takes Over video still
After messily killing the polar bear, Vanessa fashioned it into a hat

Has their car broken down? Maybe. It's snowing at one point, in a 'bits of broken polystyrene' way, and lacking trousers you'd think they'd just huddle in the car for warmth. Maybe they can't get it started and have walked out across the moors to find help. Odds are one or more of them will be brutally murdered by a lumpy-faced, lisping man come the end of the video.

Heart Takes Over video still
Don't look back Mollie just RUN

Oh, no, wait. It's over. They're still upset, and looking mournfully slightly-off-camera. No lumpy-faced men. No butcher knives or last-ditch scrambles through brackish swamps on twisted ankles. Shame. It's not that we want the girls to get hurt, or anything, but it'd be a bit more exciting to watch.