The Top 10 Sexiest Tennis Players of All-Time

Posted by , 28 June 2011

The Top 10 Sexiest Tennis Players of All-Time


Words by Jonathan Swindlehurst and Jon Moody

Wimbledon is in full flow and fast reaching the business stage of the tournament. For the average spectator - that's us - this means two things.

Firstly, Andy Murray is days away from choking and being predictably knocked out just before the final (yawn). Secondly - and most devastatingly - the number of delectable female tennis players that keep us from getting sunburn by glueing us to our TV is waning.

So, we had an idea. An idea so simple in its genius, that even Stephen Hawking himself popped in to the office to pat us on the back for it (well, not literally. You get the metaphor, anyway). And that idea was to debate the top ten sexiest tennis players of all-time and bring them to you in this here collection, with more pictures and videos that you can shake a racquet at.

There was some serious debate on our Facebook page over the top five - particularly the top two - so have a gander and let us know what you think.

Ladies, it's time to take to FHM's Centre Court...

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