The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is out now. Inside, there are a lot of women doing things like wearing bikinis and posing for photographs. Bloody mental. Sports Illustrated, knowing as they do about what people want and when and how they want it, have made some videos to go along with it. We can officially report that they are worth watching.

1/ Irina Shayk
A Russian model who has made the dubious decision of becoming Christiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend. Sure, he's rich and attractive and one of the best footballers in the world but apart from he's RUBBISH.

2/ Alyssa Miller
A lady born in Los Angeles, California, whose name sounds a lot like the end bit of Marisa Miller’s name. Yeah that's all we've got.

3/ Kate Upton
An 18-year-old who's been the face for Guess Lingerie and on the cover of Cosmopolitan Bride which sounds like the kind of magazine people who would wear business suits to their own wedding would buy.

4/ Brooklyn Decker
An American, who’s been in Ugly Betty and is married to a tennis player called Andy Roddick. He’s the one that hits the ball really hard but doesn’t really win anything because he’s kind of dumb.

5/ Damaris Lewis
An American, apparently known for having a short torso for her height. We don’t make the rules. We just pretend to break them, then say sorry and write about it.