Heed well that “might”, readers. We’re not sure if this is the most sexy that Kate Upton has been, and believe us, we’ve done research. Really extensive research.

We have two groups of people to thank for the video – firstly, Guyism, a bunch of fine chaps who run a website and get things like this exclusive Kate Upton video. Which is nice. Secondly, the good people at SoBe.

SoBe, you’ll remember, sell water. But not just any water! Water with stuff in! Stuff like fruit and whatnot. We’ve always thought water was pretty dull. It just phones it in, you know? So any stuff in it is great, in our opinion.

Kate Upton for SoBe water

Although really, they could be putting poison and toenails and farts in it and we’d still go out and buy it by the case because of lovely Kate Upton. Lovely Kate Upton is drinking it and looking absolutely mind-bendingly gorgeous and laughing and joking and she’s wearing a bikini oh heavens we’ll take ten please where do we sign.

Plus their website is laden with hidden gems - like a game where the objective is to not stare at Kate Upton's breasts. We're not sure if this is a game that we can complete. 

Kate Upton for SoBe water

As we said, we’re not sure whether it’s the best video of her admittedly short (but already remarkable) career – the jury’s still out on whether that title goes to her bouncy Beach Bunny swimwear catwalk one or the one where she takes all her clothes off for Guess.

You know? We’re going to come to a conclusion, even if it takes us all day. We’re going to make up our minds. Wish us luck. We may be gone for some time.

For more videos (including more footage of that staring contest) head over to Guyism.com.