October: it's cold, it's dark, it's windier than an OAP on a baked beans diet.

Luckily, we here at FHM have conjured up the ray of sunshine you so desperately need, in the comely shape of three incredibly sexy ladies.

First up, as the Made in Chelsea gang return to our screens, the Quality Street Queen, Millie Mackintosh, came down for her sexiest ever cover shoot, and showed just why the nation has fallen in love with posh girls.


Plus, ever on hand to answer your “Who is that fit girl from the…?” questions, FHM presents Naomi Young, rising film star and “the ridiculously fit one from that N-Dubz video”.

And if you thought there was nothing to Milton Keynes but roundabouts and plastic cows, you need to let Kheenah into your life. Yes, we too have a new-found love for Milton Keynes.

To see more of these lovely ladies, and a whole bunch of other brilliant stuff, check out the November issue, out NOW!