She’s the Game Of Thrones dragon lady, right?

Yup, she plays Daenerys Targaryen, and is one of the original surviving members of the cast, which is quite good going for a TV show that has a kill rate more deadly than the Black Plague.

Plus, she’s also drop-dead gorgeous in a hipster model sort of way. She spent quite a lot of the first few seasons in her birthday suit, which was a bit of light after all the stabbings and pouring of molten metal on people.

And it’s back on our screens soon. What are we expecting?

It’s hard to say. The show’s got a habit of keeping viewers on their toes with a good mixture of sex and slaughter. Chances are, though, Emilia and her dragons are going to play a big part and shit’s going to get very real.

Is she doing anything else other than medieval dragon stuff?

Quite a bit actually: the most exciting being a new Terminator reboot. She’s taking on the role of Sarah Connor, making her just about the sexiest person in the entire world to have a) been in charge of a dragon army and b) kicked the shit out of psychopathic, bodybuilder robots.

Is that a bit concerning? The last Terminator films were rubbish…

Good point. But then again, the last Terminator films were pretty much just action cash-ins. Terminator: Genesis is going back to the very beginning and has got Alan Taylor on directorial duties. He's also directed a handful of Game Of Thrones episodes and Thor: The Dark World, which was awesome.

Even Arnie’s making a comeback for it, so it’s clearly going to be absolutely fan-dabby-tastic.

Well, if you say so..

We do. Plus, what’s the worse that could happen if Emilia Clarke’s in it? Even if it’s rubbish, she’s still going to be more watchable than Christian Bale. Just look at her….

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