Hot stuff, that is, from an influential standpoint. Every year Time put out a list of their 100 most influential people – it’s a bit nebulous, but folk must get tired of reading the Rich List and need something else to leaf through and disagree with.

On it this year – aside from people like Sting, Mark Zuckerberg (that Facebook lad, he’s doing pretty well for himself), Justin Bieber and Hillary Clinton – is Blake Lively, who happened to turn up to the promotional event looking pretty sexy.

We did a bit of research into Miss Lively (who has a name like a saucy sixties pornstar, if you think about it) to see what qualified her for the list. What has she done that lets her stand alongside the guy who invented Facebook (which has almost replaced email, for God’s sake) or the President of France?

We... couldn’t find anything. She’s been in some films, like The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants and The Town and she’s playing the love interest of the Green Lantern in the 2011 screen adaptation. She’s in Gossip Girl. She wants to run an interior decorating business because she “likes colours.” 

Blake Lively looks sexy at the 2011 Time 100 party
To be fair, he'd probably need a couple of phonebooks to stand alongside her. ZING

Fair enough. Blake’s also qualified for lists in the past – she’s not a newcomer to this whole “limited number of people in a predefined category,” shtick, oh no. She was voted #4 in Maxim’s Hot List last year (although she only managed to reach #76 in our official FHM 100 Sexiest) and one of the Top 35 “Stylish Women to Look Out For” by Glamour UK.

“To Look Out For?” What, are they hiding in our gardens and creeping through the windows at night?

We’re not entirely sure why Blake was voted in, but she looks nice in a dress and for the purposes of this article it makes her more interesting than basically anyone else on the list.