Kylie? Why are we going on about Kylie again?

Well, aside from the fact that she’s incredibly hot and seems to age better than a fine wine, she’s also making a bit of a pop comeback and has just released a new song.

The video sees her being all black-and-white sexy and showing off her pins in a white shirt and not much else. Classic Kylie.

I thought she was on the telly now?

She is. She’s currently sitting in one of the judging chairs on The Voice and has single-handedly managed to take a relatively grim singing contest with dwindling viewing figures into something you’d actually want to tune into.

Sure, it’s mostly because it’s Kylie and she unleashes the loved-up teenager in you, but still, that’s pretty good going.

So what’s the deal then? Is she still going out with that French bloke?

Oliver Martinez? Nah, they broke up ages ago. Since then she's been out with a Spanish fella called Andres Velencoso, but they broke up towards the end of last year. As far as we’re aware, she’s currently single…

Interesting. What are my chances?

Depends. She’s quite into the younger man (Kylie is 45), but her type tends to be European model types. If you’ve got the 'moody-cultured' vibe going off, we’d say go for it, but otherwise you might struggle. That said, she did go out with Jason Donovan, so you never know…

Cracking. How can we impress her just before Valentine's Day?

She loves a good film and has actually just sent us through her top films for getting all romantic and cuddly to. Take a look at her picks below and stock up on the DVDs…

Kylie’s top Valentine’s Day movies

Cinema Paradiso

"This movie had a profound impact on me when I first saw it in the late '80s. It always tops my favourite films list and, on Valentine’s Day, this is one movie where you can be assured you will believe in love. Tears will fall!"

When Harry Met Sally

"I love [the director] Rob Reiner and When Harry Met Sally is one of his best. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are adorable in this as they tackle the big question… can men and women just be friends?"
Bridget Jones’s Diary 

"The 2001 British romantic comedy that had us all laughing and crying. Renee Zellweger IS Bridget Jones, and we all fell in love with her, her men and her ups and downs. Guaranteed to make you feel less alone in the crazy world of love."

"Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman in one of the best films of all time, exploring love versus virtue."

"A classic by Jean-Luc Goddard, which not only marks him as one of the leaders of the French New Wave but stands the test of time."

Pre-order Kylie Minogue’s new album Kiss Me Once here.

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