In terms of group synthesis, N-Dubz doesn't immediately spring to mind. It was either in a moment of inspired genius or complete lunacy when someone said, "Let's get a couple of malnourished-looking kids from a North London ghetto together and put them alongside a voluptuous brunette and see what happens." Well, fortunately, what must have originally been a private bet between two rich music producers for the sake of a practical joke, possibly a bit like in Trading Places, has turned into rather a profitable venture. 

Fresh off of winning a MOBO award last week, which she proudly displays here, alongside a rather magnificent pair of hullabaleezas (we are fond of neologisms, so here's a new one for you), Tulisa has said that her new album 'Best Behaviour', due for release at the end of the year, will surprise British fans more accustomed to N-Dubz's usual style of music. "I reckon people will be shocked and some people won't like it," she told the Daily Star. "They'll say, 'you've gone all American'." Well, we hope you haven't strayed too far from your roots, Tulisa. Remember the name of your group? N-Dubz, for Norf West Landan. We don't think the name would quite have the same ring to it if you changed it to one of those silly American postcodes consisting entirely of numbers. 45672, 80123, 74039? Take your pick.