Una Healy has been feeling a bit promotional lately (see what we did there?) with these new shots of herself. According to ‘The Book of Self-Promotion (for hot members of girl bands) by Una Healy’ it appears the best way to get yourself photographed is when you are leaning on a big yellow New York taxi:

The Saturdays member also believes it’s a beneficial move to sit on the steps to what may or may not be Ted’s apartment in How I Met Your Mother:

And who are we to argue? Although the second shot does conjure up the idea of Barney just walking out of Maclarens and firing off some sort of line like “You might be part of the Saturdays but you should be part of me every day” followed by a wink to the camera and sealed with “Daddy’s home”.

Unfortunately, ‘Daddy’ to Una Healy is Ben Foden. And however wrong using the term ‘Daddy’ might seem when you really think about it, he’s the England full-back so we’re going to just let him get away with pretty much anything he wants. If Ben Foden wants to use Daddy, Daddy it is.

Other features of ‘The Book of Self-Promotion (for hot members of girl bands) by Una Healy’* include going on stage with your underwear in full view to the thousands of gig-goers, and going topless when on holiday in Ibiza within full view of cameramen.

*This book doesn’t actually exist, so stop Googling your nearest Waterstones.