You met Emily in a bar, bought her a Mojito and charmed her with some clever conversation. Just thank God you didn’t take her to the cinema on your first date…

Where did we meet?
We met in a bar. You were looking over to me from across the bar and then you came up to me, but you didn’t seem too desperate. You made clever conversation.

And did we kiss straightaway?
No, we didn’t kiss on the first night. You just gave me a peck on the cheek, said goodbye and arranged a date.

Where did I take you?
We went to a really nice cocktail bar.

Not the cinema?
No, urgh, that’s the worst thing you can do. And bowling, so embarrassing. I wouldn’t mind bowling in a few dates’ time, but the first date? No, because if I’m wearing heels and I’ve got to get those smelly shoes on, it’s not a good date.

Who paid?
I offered to pay half but you kindly insisted. I don’t like it when girls just expect, so I would always ask to pay half.

It’s been six months now, but how long did it take me to seal the deal, so to speak?
It was after the fourth date. I’m not a one-night stand person, I just don’t think you can trust people so quickly.

Marks out of ten?
It was very good, you paid me lots of attention, but it wasn’t a perfect ten. There’s always room for improvement once you get to know each other.

And how are things now?
Oh, still strong. There’s nothing worse than it dying off, definitely. Once in a while I make the effort to dress up. Obviously a girl should always wear nice underwear when she’s with her boyfriend, but once in a while I really pull out the stops, arrive in some stockings and suspenders and treat you. I might send a few cheeky warm-up texts during the day, too.

Should I make an effort to impress your family?
My family are easy to get on with, as long as you don’t mess me around and you compliment my mum’s cooking.

What do I do that annoys you?
You fall asleep during films.

And what do we argue about?
You’ve let me down with dates before. If you say you’re going to be somewhere, make sure you are.

Any other deal-breakers?
Cheating is a no-no. Texting other girls is a no-no. Obviously girl mates I’m fine with, but when it steps over the line, that’s not on. I like a really loyal person, who never cheats on anyone.

Do you still think we have a future together?
Yeah, I think so. It’s one of the things I enjoy about a proper relationship, the fact that you can see it going somewhere. That doesn’t mean marriage necessarily, just that it’s not going to end in a month. It’s nice to know I’m not wasting my time.


Romance is the most important thing for me, so if you’re no good at it, we’re not going to last. Don’t look so worried, romance is easy, as long as you do it right…

Don’t buy me expensive gifts. They aren’t imaginative and I’m not into them, it’s the little things that count.

Do run me a bath with candles. It might sound like a small gesture, but it’s so sweet and thoughtful that I’ll be very impressed.

Or, even better, leave me a love note in a place I won’t be expecting it. Put it in my coat or my bag or send it to my work. Being surprised at work by your man is very romantic.


Age: 23

Job: Model, runs a mobile spray tanning business

Favourite Drink: Mojito

Favourite Film: Taken