"Formed in 1999, over a cheap sticky toffee pudding and custard, mougene spent many years honing their songwriting and production skills. Armed with a handful of moody, suburban, pop songs the duo hooked up with ace producer Julian Simmons in a basement in London's little West End New York, to create their fledgling recordings.

And mougene were born... skulking in the shadows, producing post-pubescent pop as a soundtrack to life - subtle, ethereal, vital - where electronica meets cinematica. The album Small Tone is the result of all our blood, sweat and tears."

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This is Hayley. Hayley Sams. She’s from Bedford. That’s in the UK. She’s 25 years old. She’s 5’4”. Her feet are a size 6. She’s a dress size 8. Her breasts are 32E, thanks for asking.

Is anybody reading this or just looking at the video?

Yup, thought so.