You and Natasha met in the park while she was out walking her dog. One impromptu Mr Whippy later and you’d arranged a date. Now you’ve been going steady for a couple of months and she even loves ironing your shirts. Just don’t spend too much time with your mates….

Vitals: Natasha Gilbert Age: 24 Job: Model, aspiring TV presenter Favourite film: Pulp Fiction. Definitely not Beaches. Favourite drink: Gin and tonic Ideal holiday: Corsica

Where did we meet?
In the park. I was walking the dog and you were jogging past. You stopped and said hello.

What did I say?
You asked me for the time and we went for an ice cream straight away.

Does that count as our first date, then?
No, our first date was a few weeks later. We’d been texting a bit and you came and took me for lunch.

Did we kiss on the first date?
No, it didn’t happen – I was playing hard to get.

Am I good a kisser?
Yeah, you are.

How long have we been together?
A couple of months now. It’s going well.

Have we slept together?
No, not yet. I want to get to know you properly, and I want some more ice cream dates first.

Do you think we will?
It would have to be a natural progression. I haven’t slept with many people so I wouldn’t do it for the sake of it. Let’s save the best till last.

Should I try and seduce you with romance and candles?
No, that’s too cheesy. We obviously have sexual chemistry so there’ll probably be a night where we’re having a drink and we feel relaxed. There’s not too much pressure on it that way.

How was it when we ran into my ex last week?
She was sweet. She smiled a lot though; it was almost like she knew something I didn’t.

But we haven’t slept together yet, so…
Well, it can’t be that then.

If I ever cheated on you could you forgive me?
It depends. If it was an affair, it would be hard. If it was a one-night stand, I’d try and work it out but I wouldn’t be able to trust you.

Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?
Yeah, don’t do it in the first place.

I just got you an iron for your birthday…
I love ironing, thank you! Do you want me to iron your shirts?

Are you any good?

Do I have to do anything in return?
No, that’s okay, you’re my boyfriend. I like to look after you.

Brilliant. What about your parents?
Yeah, they’ll like you, just be yourself and don’t cheat on me.

Have we had any arguments?
Yeah, you’re not very punctual. You’ve left me waiting a few times.

And you let me off?
We’re working on it. I don’t want to scream and shout. I’d rather talk it through.

Is there anything you will not tolerate?
Going out on lads’ nights.

Can you be more specific?
No poker and strippers. I wouldn’t want you stay out late at the weekends.

What, every weekend?
Some weekends. I’d prefer you not to be out watching strippers. Other than that I’m pretty laid back. We go out together quite a lot, and I wouldn’t go out without you, I’d miss you too much.

Is there anything you hate about me?
You snore, but no, you’re my boyfriend and I love you.

Did you just say you love me?
Oh no! I take that back, you’re going to run away aren’t you?

No, it’s okay, I love you too. Do you think we’ll get married?