Midweek got you down? We raided California’s sunkissed Venice Beach to discover the amazing Val Keil to give you the kind of jolt that a fifth shot of espresso won’t.

Miss Keil is probably best known right now as one of those mysterious Playboy bunny types with a penchant for walking around barefoot and dancing in front of the mirror in her underwear, reading Batman comics and getting all fast and the furious on giant motorbikes.

The Philadelphia beauty is already making a name for herself in the world of gorgeous ladies and is so pretty that we’ve hit an all time low in terms of office productivity ever since we discovered her on Instagram.

Here’s why she’s about to be your new obsession...

She doesn’t do double denim

She’s sporty so she might inspire you to be the man you want to be… Seriously…

She is a bit of a potty mouth, or likes talking dirty anyway.

She loves riding around on a Spyder, holds a motorcycle license and generally gets rather excited about all things gearheady... And finally, she doesn’t run screaming when you suggest a jaunt down to Forbidden Planet. Be honest now, have you ever had a better Wednesday?

Words by Damien Sharkov, follow him on Twitter: @DamienSharkov