Vanessa Hudgens looked fantastic last night at the premiere for Zach Snyders’ latest film, Sucker Punch. She happens to be in the film, so she probably got in for free.

Sailor Moon had gotten real dark all of a sudden

We literally could not be more excited about Sucker Punch. It would have to come round our house, kiss us on the mouth, take off all its clothes and do a sexy dance – and have brought a kebab, and a couple of beers – for us to be more pleased with it.

We’ve been raving about Sucker Punch for a while, but here it goes again – the film is a balls-out cavalcade of over-the-top-action, beautiful women dressed in a cross between military uniforms and burlesque outfits, and samurai robots that carry giant miniguns. It is basically everything that you could want from a film.

We think this might just be our next tattoo

It reminds us of Bitch Slap, another film about sexy women blowing stuff up. Plus the names are similar. But Bitch Slap was one of the worst movies we’ve ever seen, despite the well-endowed heroines, and Sucker Punch is going to be fantastic no matter what happens.

Vanessa never could get the hang of photocalls and often stood facing the wrong way

And yes, Vanessa Hudgens is in it. Even though she’s not the main character, she seems to be cropping up in the promotional materials an awful lot because in true Zach Snyder fashion, there’s not a lot of famous people in this film. Here she is wearing not very much at all, courtesy of Warner Bros:

High School Musical 4 dealt with some pretty inappropriate themes for a kids' film

We’re not sure how her training in High School Musical has equipped her for her role as Blondie, who kicks arse in an imaginary dreamworld filled with explosions, dragons and the aforementioned giant robots. Hopefully all those high kicks will come in handy. Plus the deleted scenes from High School Musical 2 where the teens raise money by robbing a liquor store will doubtlessly have proved useful.