Sexy ironing? Yeah, you read that right. Vanessa Hudgens is so hot, she can’t just iron wearing her trackie bottoms and an old T-shirt. She does it in her lingerie on behalf of clothes manufacturers Candies in the ad campaign that you can see right here.

Vanessa Hudgens doing some sexy ironing for Candies
Watch yourself love, you'll burn right through those

Which is nice, we think. For far too long ironing’s been the domain of tremendous boredom and barely any sexuality at all, so it’s good to have a bit of eroticism stuck in there for good measure. We almost wrote “it nearly makes us want to do our ironing!” there, but that would be a lie.

Vanessa Hudgens doing some sexy ironing for Candies
Jeans: ruined

Because ironing, let’s face it, is dull. One of the dullest household chores there is. Sure, there’s the satisfaction of getting your shirts/trousers/Batman costume perfectly pressed and neat, and ladies do like it when a man puts a little effort into his clothes.

Vanessa Hudgens mixing up something near a fridge
Also, here's Vanessa hiding near a curiously sinister fridge

But it’s dull. Mind-numbingly dull and barely required – the clothes are already clean, aren’t they? Doing the laundry was hard enough – all that sorting by colours nonsense and remembering to put fabric softener in else your girlfriend complains – and we’re being asked to heat up lumps of metal and rub them around on it?

Vanessa Hudgens doing some sexy ironing for Candies
Vanessa photobombs a perfectly good picture of an ironing board

No way, José. Thanks to the hot metal, ironing is in the unusual category of being both dangerous and boring – so much so it’s probably not long before the Discovery channel makes a reality show about extreme ironing teams à la Deadliest Catch.

Let’s leave it to the professionals – professionals like Vanessa Hudgens. Better safe than sorry, guys.