How many times have you changed clothes in the last 48 hours? We ask, not because we’re compiling a reader cleanliness survey or thinking about getting environmental health on your ass, but because 22-year-old actress/naked cameraphone pic fan Vanessa Hudgens has been pictured in seven (repeat: seven) different outfits in the last two days alone.

What gives, Vanessa? Have you got fleas or something? The only time FHM has ever changed its clothes that many times in quick succession was Diarrhoea Monday and we don’t mention that day. Ever.

But back to the delectable Vanessa, who we’re happy to report doesn’t have fleas or some kind of bowel issue. No, the High School Musical sensation is merely swapping outfits regularly, because she’s doing the rounds at New York Fashion Week, and, in fashion, if you wear an outfit for longer than 30 minutes it’s out of date.

Chess pieces' names weren't down, so they weren't getting in

Other FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World 2011 contenders to make appearances at New York Fashion Week include: Fergie, Emma Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Victoria Beckham, who is celebrating designing her 100th dress.

FHM has only ever designed one dress. It involved us stitching together a couple of bits of fabric, accessorising it with fishnet stockings and a cutlass and attempting to be a pirate maiden. We looked dreadful, partly because we have ‘dad calves’ and partly because we’d forgotten to shave.

How about you guys? Ever had a fancy dress disaster? Send us your story and if we print it in the mag, we’ll send you £25. Simples.

"Yup, still just pretending to chat, so I can check out her ass..."

P.S. Out of Vanessa’s seven outfits, only the two we've published were interesting. And by interesting, we mean, well, you know what we mean.