When we learned Vanessa Hudgens was on the Late Show with David Letterman flashing her new tattoo, we were instantly excited, but also surprised at the young ladies behaviour. Firstly, where was this exotic mark? Well, it’s on her neck, which is sort of sexy, but it’s not the sort of sexy we’d expected.

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her new ink
"You should've seen it when it was a caterpillar"

Secondly, we thought Van-Hud was a bit young for a tattoo, before realising she’s 22. And FHM’s mate got a tattoo when he was 16, so we’ve come to the conclusion that actually, she should have had a tattoo by now, and this is actually running quite late.

To help Van-Hud keep up with the celebrity prettyfolk who are covered in tattoos (Megan Fox, Rihanna, even Fearne Cotton, though we understand she’s quite marmite), we suggest she gets six more tattoos in the next fortnight.

These could include a flaming skull down her arm, or a two-headed goat on her ribcage. Even better if she gets a crazy saying in Latin but spells it wrong or mucks up the syntax so it actually translates to ‘Requires One In Order To Be Familiar With One’.

"I can be crazy like Gaga... I have sellotape on my feet. Anyone? No?"

Vanessa says she chose a butterfly because that’s how she was given her name – Vanessa means butterfly, or butterfly means Vanessa, we can’t remember. But it’s derived from Latin, she says. Yea, yea, we know you really got a butterfly because they’re so darn cute.

Ever the sceptic, we can’t help but wonder if Van-Hud’s going to outgrow a butterfly tattoo. Maybe we’ll ask Rihanna if she regrets getting that gun tattooed on her ribcage.