Victoria Justice is releasing an album this summer. For those of you who don’t know who she is, fair enough. Like Kate Upton and various other scrappy young things, she’s only really been the focus of our attention for a few months as she’s just recently turned eighteen.

Still, she’s turned eighteen really well, no? She’s been in various Nickelodeon films and sung a few things, but we’re mainly looking forward to her Miley Cyrus-style advance to full stardom so we can watch her dance about on stage and screen a lot more.

In one part of the video Victoria is artificially heightened with a rack (offscreen)

That album, anyway. One of the songs on that new album is called Beggin’ On Your Knees, and the above video consists of Ms Justice and some peppy backing dancers running through a dance routine during a rehearsal for the Kid’s Choice Awards, which she attended looking fantastic, as we were of course obligated to show you at the time.

The song’s about some young chap (we can assume) who Victoria refers to as “Mr Player,” so he’s obviously been gallivanting around with various women including Victoria herself. Not cool, dude. But she’s got revenge in mind, of course, because she’s sly.


The young will be “beggin’ on his knees” for her soon, you see, presumably due to some sort of convoluted plan where she looks really good then refuses to go out with him. Cunning. Cunning plan, Ms Justice.

Victoria, we wouldn’t have mistreated you in the first place, although we’ll beg if you want us to. If that’s what it takes. Sigh.

P.S. When she sang “You’ll be crawling like a centipede” is it bad that this is the first thing that came into our heads? Maybe there’s something wrong with us.