Leggy Swedish blond extraordinaire Victoria Silvestedt has been trying on fancy bras for German clothes company Bonprix.

Ex-Playboy playmate Victoria is so beautiful, so astonishingly well-formed, that she puts us in a philosophical mood. Let’s take a trip back to Ancient Greece, shall we? FHM can be educational as well as exciting. Plus there’s a point at the end of all this, honest. 

Victoria Silvestedt Coat
Victoria Silvestedt shown wearing a coat. Don't worry, it doesn't stay on for long

Now, the Ancient Greeks weren’t exactly known for their love of women (it was rather the opposite, really – women were more of a bothersome necessity that occasionally gave birth to children, whilst getting it on with another chap really was the bee’s knees as far as many of them were concerned) but we’re only going to be discussing one fellow in particular – Plato.

See, Plato was a philosopher. Man, you couldn’t move for the philosophers back in Ancient Greece. Hundreds of 'em, everywhere. You’d come downstairs some mornings and they’d be in your cupboards, eating away at the bottom of your cereal packets, and you’d have to shoo them out into the street.

Victoria was becoming worried at the increasingly windy conditions in her bedroom

One of Plato’s theories was the Allegory of the Cave, in which normal people were compared to slaves that were chained up and forced to face the wall of a cave, and could only see shadows from the outside – i.e. things that were only interpretations of reality. 

Philosophers, on the other hand (had a bit of a high opinion of himself, this Plato bloke) where unchained and allowed to wander around outside, looking at what really made up the universe.

Victoria Silvestedt Silk Lingerie
Rather than put her coat back on, Victoria changes into what must be a warmer bra and pants

Still with us? Well if all other leggy blonde Swedes are shadows on the wall of the cave, Victoria Silvestedt is the leggy blonde Swede that’s swanning about outside in the sun. She is the philosophical ideal of leggy Swedish blondes. 

Presumably she’s wearing some sort of scanty summer dress, or having a delightful picnic where she spills lemonade all down herself but that’s okay really, and she takes a quick swim in a Nordic stream. Yeah.