Hullabub shaloub nereiner poldin forfey doomin. Sorry, there are few things which render us with nothing but gobbledygook, but this is unfortunately one of those occasions. So, please, stick with us. It'll be worth your while. The Victoria's Secret Angels were at a trial run in preparation for tonight's fashion show in NYC (which we'll no doubt cover in all its gory detail tomorrow). Well, really it was just an excuse to get them all in a room together and do coy, flirtatious poses, but we're not complaning. Sorry, we've become distracted again. Our brain generally goes into meltdown if we see one semi-attractive female, so confronted by this lot we'd make a caveman look like James Bond.

Victoria's Secret preview show

Right, we can focus slightly more now. We think that's Candice Swanepoel and Lily Aldridge, but we're not used to seeing them this fully attired so we could be wrong.

Victoria's Secret Angels at preview show

And here we have Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and a blonde who superglued herself to Lima at the event in the knowledge that she'd be the one photographed most. Which we think is a rather clever publicity stunt. Oh dear, we fear the black cloud is descending upon us once again. Words are beginning to fail us. Sliding back into unintelligibility, Finnegan's Wake style. The insatiable curtiosy of the Jabberwocky portmanteau went bundesbahn all over the yarl.

Victoria's Secret Angels preview show

Sorry about that. Maybe it would be safer to stick with one woman in future. We can't handle twelve anymore, not like in our youth. Yes, those were the days. Right, we need a lie down. Wake us up at lunchtime.