Fashion shows are boring, right? WRONG. SO WRONG. Fashion shows are boring if they feature willowy, bored-looking models wearing stupid rags. Fashion shows aren't boring if they feature kickass Victoria's Secret supermodels parading around in the finest underwear the world has ever seen. 

Izabel Goulart at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Take Izabel Goulart, for example. How many umbrellas do you own? We bet it's no more than two. Izabel Goulart has three umbrellas that she's using all at once, and it's not even raining. Do you know how dry she is? She's like a mouthful of cream crackers with no glass of water.

Erin Heatherton at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

And Erin Heatherton, here. Erin's sporting wings. Maybe the organisers thought that just putting models onstage in their underwear might look a bit uninteresting (which they were wrong about, but hey ho) so many of them have big ol' wings stuck to their backs. It does look pretty sweet though.

Behati Prinsloo at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Do these count as wings? Maybe. Behati Prinsloo not only has a mysterious name but a mysterious costume as well. She's done up like a sexy wizard. All she needs is a (sexy) floppy hat and a (sexy) staff and she's ready to weave the (sexy) winds of magic.

Adriana Lima at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Fact: the only time Adriana Lima stops smiling is to deliver her trademark pout. In all of her shots, Adriana is grinning wildly, which we entirely support. It's far better than the grim emaciated zombie robots you normally get on catwalks.

Candice Swanepoel at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Candice Swanepoel's legs are so long as to defy measurement. Scientists have tried, as her legs are longer than she is tall they had to have a lie down and a cup of tea due to sheer lack of logical sense. The current estimate made by those professionals is “really bloody long.”

Alessandra Ambrosio at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

Alessandra Ambrosio has used up almost all the material allocated to her outfit on the sleeves, leaving none left to cover her pants. A silly move but once we can entirely appreciate.

Miranda Kerr at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2011

And finally, Miranda Kerr. Miranda's bra is worth more than $2.5 million. We're not making this up, unlike almost everything else that we write. That bra is worth more than several houses. It's not as good to raise a family in, either, although Miranda does look better in the bra than she would in three semi-detatched suburban properties.

Who's your favourite Victoria's Secret Angel? We can't decide. But we're okay with that.