It's a busy life being a Victoria's Secret model. Often you're faffing about in your posh pants, either in front of a camera or on a catwalk. But even more often it seems you have to prance about in matching outfits 'launching' perfumes. They must have had around 6,723 perfume launches in the past twelve months. And now there's another one: Incredible. So off they went again to the Victoria's Secret store in New York.

Incredible seems to be about right

They are, from left to right, Lily Aldridge, Erin Heatherton, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel and Chanel Iman. Look at them. Amazing. They look like an extraordinarily hot Saturdays tribute band, who would presumably only form said tribute band because they'd failed to realise they are actually collectively hotter than The Saturdays. Silly things.

So, they'd launched their perfume. They'd wiggled about a bit. They'd hugged and laughed and pouted. They'd pointed their bottles of perfume at the herd of bellowing photographers and pretended this probably wasn't the absolute most boring part of their job. Then they did something a bit weird. Not really weird, but a bit weird. They did this:

Bras. F'the lads.

Just waving bras around. Because they're Victoria's Secret models and want people to remember that it is primarily a pants flogging company and not a perfume company? Because they wanted to taunt all the men in the room with that 'taking off my bra under my dress' trick that we still don't understand the logistics of? Or just for the lulz? Probably just for the lulz.