There’s an age old debate that people have discussed since the dawn of time regarding everyday working life. This argument is based on whether or not it’s better to be in a well-paid job that you detest, or in a modestly-paid job which you enjoy doing. After seeing the pictures from photographer Russell James’ new book V2 which is packed full of Victoria’s Secret lovelies in the buff in exotic locations, we at FHM reckon if he gets paid anything more than nothing, he almost definitely has the best job in the world.

Russ’ book features the likes of Miranda Kerr, Candice Swanepoel, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Andy Roddick’s missus - Brooklyn Decker, wearing next to nothing, looking quite hot on a beach. If this doesn’t sell it to you, nothing will.

The book also contains very few words and many pictures, which means it’s ideal for flicking through while you’re on the toilet, but probably not on the train, and caters very well for people who can’t read. And if you are a person who can’t read, you’re probably not reading this, but anyway, you should probably learn, innit.

We’re not sure if the lack of words in this fine book means that you can call it a picture book, as such, but we probably wouldn’t give it to your kids to look at. That's aimed at you, Heidi Klum. It’s also listed on most sites for around 60 Euros, so it’s probably a bit too expensive to buy as a kid’s stocking filler. They probably wouldn’t appreciate the thought, anyway.

A conversion to film of this epic is as yet unannounced, but we’ve got everything crossed in hope that one of the big studios will pick it up and make V2 into a 3D cinematic masterpiece. It’d be much better than Harry Potter.  

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