When French inventor Louis Le Prince created motion pictures back in 1888, who could have predicted just what sensational use they’d be put to a mere 123 years later?

We refer, of course, not to Megashark vs. Crocosaurus, but to the latest batch of Victoria’s Secret videos, nicely timed for the dawn of summer.

By now, you've probably watched the one at the top, which was a little behind the scenes thing of the Victoria's Secret Angels filming the 'Bombshell Summer' advert. Apparently, a bombshell is all about 'standing out', 'having fun', being 'very confident' and 'wearing bright colours'. We'd never thought of the bolshie woman that collects the trolleys in Waitrose car park wearing a fluorescent vest as a 'bombshell' before, but it would appear we were wrong.

This next one is perhaps the pick of the bunch, because it features a lot of South African stunner Candice Swanepoel rubbing herself and the immortally imbecilic line, "It also covers up any imperfections that you may have."


Imperfections? What the hell are you talking about, make-up artist Jenna Anton? Imperfections, indeed. Yeah, imperfections are probably something that give Candice Swanepoel a lot of jip, what with her being perfect an' all. You idiot.

This one's pretty excellent because of the 'Candice Cam' at the start, which gives you a rare opportunity to see what the world looks like through the 22-year-old's beautiful blue eyes:

The answer is: nice plants and shells and flamingos and palm trees and oh look there's no traffic this is nothing like trying to get home on the A127 and hey here's Lily Aldridge blowing me a kiss that's cool I'm totally fine with that.

And this is the finished article of the Victoria's Secret 'Bombshell Summer' advert. As you can see, all the hard work was worth it:

Bravo, Louis Le Prince.