The Victoria’s Secret girls celebrated their own version of 100 Sexiest yesterday, and they all looked damn good doing it. Certainly better than we did at our 100 Sexiest party, but then again, we were a bit worse for drink. And we can’t pull off a cocktail dress like they can.

If you’d like to look at them (and what red-blooded man wouldn’t? Also, ladies, feel free to peruse as well) then use your eyes to absorb the pictures of them that we’ve slapped all over this article, and watch the video below:

We should warn you – the Angels aren’t paid to read autocues and talk to camera. They’re paid to wear very small amounts of clothing and look good doing it. We’re just saying, it’s kind of an awkward video. A sexy awkward video nonetheless.

Adriana Lima at the What is Sexy? Awards 2011
Adriana Lima can't actually stand up straight. She has a back defect that means she can only slink around sexily

Apparently our (very definitive!) top 100 list isn’t definitive enough for the good people at Victoria’s Secret. Yesterday they turned up in their Sunday best (but on a Thursday! Imagine that) to the What is Sexy? 2011 awards party. The Victoria’s Secret entourage of angels included such bra-wearing luminaries as Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Erin Heatherton and Candice Swanepoel.

We need more Erin Heatherton in our lives, we think

Rather than merely grouping women in order of attractiveness, they’ve gone a bit more specialised. So, for example, Mila Kunis gets “Sexiest Eyes” and Sofia Vergara gets “Sexiest Curves,” which we agree with wholeheartedly (although Kim Kardashian wouldn’t have been out of place taking the second one, we reckon). Rihanna took “Sexiest Songstress” and Emma Stone got “Sexiest Actress.”

It’s much friendlier and a bit like a school sports day, where everyone’s special and everyone’s best features are lauded. Not like the harsh, cut-throat world of our 100 Sexiest. No sir.

Alessandra Ambrosio at the What is Sexy? Awards 2011
Alessandra Ambrosio is over 200% leg

We can respect that. But it sounds like an awful lot of work, and we don’t think that the public were really involved very much. So we’ll stick with our rankings for the time being, if it’s all the same with you.

Once you’re done soaking up the raw, unadulterated gorgeousness of the models in these pictures, why not watch their new summer commercial below? It’s very sexy and uses the word “bombshell” a lot, which we like: