You might have noticed recently that the entire world has gone absolutely thundercrackers for Brazil. This is in part due to the fact that the world’s greatest football tournament is about to be held there. And it’s brilliant news, it really is.

One whole month of football to fill that dreaded gap between the new season starting up. But as slap-your-thigh fantastic that we think it is, we can help but think we’re all overlooking a few other brilliant Brazillian things too.

Things like samba dancing for example…


Or people like fist-bitingly hot Brazillian Victoria Secret’s model Lais Ribeiro.

A woman that we would quite easily trade a World Cup final ticket for if it meant that we can sit with her, staring longingly into her eyes as we explain how our own footballing career was destroyed by a psychological condition known as: ‘WeWereJustReallyShitOcosis.’

Here’s why she’s more exciting than the World Cup, England’s prospects of winning and that horrible Versace T-shirt put together…

Why she isn’t being held up as the Queen of all lingerie models, we have no idea.