Vanessa Hudgens was once an all-singing, all-dancing Disney moppet, bouncing her way through three High School Musical films, which you probably saw because they are such important parts of art-house cinema. Then something amazing happened and she became some kind of sex kitten. She's about to appear in the film Sucker Punch as a gun waving badass, but she is first appearing in the video below as a really hot woman who dressed inappropriately for the weather.

The video is from a shoot for the American magazine Details. In the accompanying interview, Vanessa talks about her relationship with Zac Efron. We're not going to include any quotes from that because if you genuinely care what she has to say about that subject then we fear you found your way to the wrong website.

So let's just move on from that and watch the video again. Maybe then we can all go off and read some Kirkegaard, learn how to ride a camel or perhaps learn how to play canasta. More likely, we'll all go off and mooch about a bit on the internet, staring intently at the screen with a slight frown to make it look like we're working really hard. Classic not-working-but-looking-like-you're-working-at-work technique.