Peanuts! Get’cher peanuts, get ‘em while they’re attached to Rosie Jones! Then eat ‘em and look at Rosie Jones! Lovely Rosie Jones!

Rosie Jones is, we reckon, possibly the hottest girl next door in Britain. Although the phrase 'girl next door' is starting to lose a lot of its meaning, you could quite happily imagine seeing Rosie walking her dog, having a sly fag in the back garden, or enjoying a pint down at your local.

Rosie Jones for Big D Peanuts
Or a glass of white wine, whatever really

Of course, we don’t have to imagine because we have multiple camouflaged telephoto lenses permanently in position around her house. But you, not having the funding of a men’s mag behind you (nor the tenacity and single-mindedness to install that much hardware just to monitor Rosie Jones), might have to.

You’ll have no doubt noticed, though, that imagining her in your local has been easier these past few months on account of her working for Big D, purveyors of peanuts, as a model on their peanut boards. If you hadn’t – perhaps you were in fancy wine bars or one of those posh pubs where they serve the peanuts in ceramic bowls – then feel free to absorb and digest the article which we published at the time.

Rosie Jones for Big D Peanuts
Rosie as some sort of peanut ringmaster, here

Why are we telling you all this again? Well, Big D have recently released some more pictures of the lovely Rosie that weren’t used in the final calendar. And we’re all like, 'Why wouldn’t we show you pictures of Britain’s Hottest Girl Next Door Rosie Jones?' It just doesn’t make sense not to.

Rosie Jones for Big D Peanuts
Nice hat

So here you go. Enjoy. Next time you’re eating some peanuts, think of Rosie. Unless you’re allergic of course, in that case you should probably think about going to a hospital and dying. For more pics (including ones that are a bit NSFW so we couldn’t show them here) check out SenorZorro.