The cosplayers at London Super Comic Convention spill the beans on what gets their rocks off...



Maria, 22, Poison Ivy

“Geekiness is about being consumed by passion, and passion of any kind
is sexy in itself.” 


Clare, 26, X-Men’s Magik

“The Silurians from Doctor Who, with their streamlined heads. Or the Twi’leks from Star Wars, who have tentacles.”



Rossetti, 21, Black Widow

“It someone does something well, it’s attractive. Like watching someone prestige Black Ops in five minutes.”



Jakki, 22, Lady Deadpool

“Bane. He’s a bald man in a gimp mask. Amazing!”


Rio, 21, X-Men’s Storm

“A guy who gets all the achievements on a video game. I like a man with really high XP.”


Laura, 25, The Sorceress of Castle Grayskull

  “I’ve got a thing for blue skin, like the guys from Avatar. I like them. Or Nightcrawler from X-Men.”


Jody, 22, The Crow

 “We were watching a guy dressed as Spider-Man earlier, and he had a really nice arse.”



Veera, 18, Teen Titans’ Raven

“Lara Croft, after the triangle boobs years.”


Angela, 30, X-Men’s Pixie

“Gambit from X-Men. He’s a bit dangerous, he has that gruff accent, and he can explode things! Yeah!”


spiderman's black cat cosplay

Mojo, 31, Spider-Man’s Black Cat

“A guy told me the time was 11.23, the first numbers of the Fibonacci sequence. I wanted to hump him.” 


 Elizabeth, 20, League Of Legends’ Miss Fortune

“If someone is dressed as Dick Grayson from Batman, I’m in. I love him. Dick Grayson, all the way.” 


 Anna, 26, The Joker

“The Joker, with his mischievousness. He’s evil, but cute. He murders, but
he does it with a smile.”