Bellybuttons are a hugely underrated part of the human anatomy. They are, after all, the bit of the body that lets in all the goodness when a baby is in the womb. Kind of like a mouth, right in the middle of your stomach, eating stuff that your Mum just ate. NOMS.

Halle Berry knows. Halle Berry knows that bellybuttons are important and that’s why she’s showing hers off at the NAACP awards in Los Angeles. To raise awareness, you see. To remind the world that every single human being in it was, once, attached to their Mum by their belly.


Rob McGarr
“I’m not a big fan of bellybuttons.”

Sam Toy
“Kind of essential really, aren’t they. If you don’t have a bellybutton you’re kind of not human.”

Paul French
“I quite like sort of oval ones.”

Olly Richards
“I’m okay with them. Except outy ones. They’re wrong.”

Chris Mandle
“I don’t have any particular thoughts on them, but I’m glad they’re there. If there wasn’t one there I’d be worried.”

“Indian women and especially those from Southern India have traditionally worn saris that bare the midriff and the navel. In Indian culture, exposure of the navel is not considered a taboo and has, in fact, long been accepted as a graceful identifying mark of a woman. A dimpled navel is considered a special asset of any prospective bride especially amongst South Indian women and an important quality of any budding Bollywood actress.”

Well that pretty much covers that then.